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Letrozole Symptoms Subside

So the Best Letrozole symptoms have finally eased up two weeks after stopping this medication. It was odd though as the bone pain increased for nearly 10 days, becoming almost unbearable about a week ago. Thank goodness that seems to have passed now.

Even though I will wait a couple more weeks before starting the new chemo pill, Exemestrane, I thought I would get the prescription filled. Rite Aid did not have it pulled for me even though my oncologist had called in the script about 10 days earlier. Come to find out, the brand name would have cost me over $400 for one month! OUCH!! The generic, which is not available for some reason, runs about $80 for a month.

So I guess it is back to the drawing board for my oncologist to figure this one out for me. He did indicate that if this were to happen, to not get it filled and check back with him. Actually, after doing a bit of online research at the Breast Cancer Care website, and learning about significant bone loss attributed to taking this drug, maybe it is best we find another option.


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